Feed a therapy horse for Giving Tuesday 2023

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  • $48,256


About this Cause

Will you help feed the gentle giants who help our clients this Giving Tuesday? Did you know it costs $32 to feed one of our hardworking therapy horses for one week? This Giving Tuesday we are still working towards our big goal to raise enough money to feed each of our 29 horses for the whole year! This means raising $48,256 ($32 for 29 horses X 52 weeks). Our horses do important work. They are the main tools used during our rehabilitative therapy sessions and they work hard during therapeutic riding lessons. They also weigh over 1,000 pounds and eat a lot of food! Feeding our horses is one our biggest and most challenging expenses to cover as it is not covered by insurance reimbursements from our therapy services. Your $32 donation will help ensure that we can keep on using this incredibly effective and beloved tool in our programs. If you would like to adopt a specific horse to feed for fun, please scroll down to pick one! At the end of the campaign, all funds will be distributed evenly to feed our herd to make sure no one feels left out!

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